The London Private Detective Agency You Can Trust

Our private investigators always work with integrity and compassion — which is why we’re one of the most trusted detective agencies in London.

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Who Are SPS Investigations?

SPS Investigations is a team of driven, detail-orientated private investigators with a passion for uncovering the truth. We’re all Londoners, which means we offer comprehensive knowledge of the capital and insights only London-based detectives can provide.

We take enormous pride in helping people to uncover the truth — wherever it lies and however difficult it might be to ascertain. We understand the work we do is often linked to the misfortune of others, which is why we always strive to be compassionate and understanding. While we never shy away from delivering cold, hard truths, we never forget the human element of our work.

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Investigations Across London

Our private investigators are used to travelling across London in search of evidence. Whether our clients are based near our offices in Mayfair and Kensington or in the suburbs of the city, we are able to attend almost any London location within two hours. From Buckingham Palace to Bethnal Green, our private detectives are constantly on the move in search of the truth.

Using several years of experience, intuition, know-how and a range of evidence-capturing equipment, we help both businesses and individuals in London obtain the proof they need. It’s our unwavering commitment to the truth that has made us one of the most respected detective agencies in London.

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Our Mission

SPS Investigations is a London-based private detective agency that takes pride in delivering great customer service and understanding. That’s why it’s our mission to uncover the truth — wherever it may lie — in the most compassionate way possible.

We are also fully committed to recording evidence and acquiring documented proof accurately and comprehensively. Attention to detail is always a priority, whether we’re tracing an individual or tracking a vehicle. Our clients can expect accurate, honest and comprehensive reports that include every detail of our findings.

Our Values

At SPS Investigations, we are driven by our sense of responsibility. We understand that, as a trusted private detective agency, we have to conduct investigations that often have life-changing repercussions for the people and organisations involved. That’s why all of our private investigators in London act with the utmost integrity and professionalism at all times.

We are Londoners, and uncovering the truth for the people and businesses of our great city is a matter of personal and professional pride for our private investigators. Our priority is always the truth, so we can be brutally honest with our clients when the situation calls for it. But we also empathise with the predicaments people find themselves in. Compassion and discretion are values we take with us on every job, which is why we have developed a reputation for great customer service.

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What You Can Expect from Us

When you hire a private detective from SPS Investigations, you’re guaranteed an experienced, highly skilled professional who will have your best interests at heart. We will never lose sight of the fact that the work we do requires complete honesty and openness, but we’ll always remember that the results of our investigations can have momentous implications for the people involved.

With offices just a stone’s throw from Notting Hill and the world-famous landmark Marble Arch, we are a London private detective agency run by Londoners. We know every square inch of this wonderful city like the backs of our hands, which gives us an immediate advantage when we start new investigations.

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Hire Trusted Private Investigators in London

Hiring us for private investigations in London guarantees you the attention to detail and local knowledge only genuine Londoners can provide. We will listen carefully to your requirements, formulate a bespoke investigation plan and studiously execute it with both discretion and compassion. And we’ll keep you updated on our findings throughout the process.

We are local private investigators who care deeply about the welfare of our clients and this great city of ours.